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Local Jobs

Through innovations and new industries we can create sustainable and secure careers.

Community Resilience

Investing in community we can all share in the opportunity to be part of the solution.

Cheaper Power

Why pay the middle man?! Lock in your current price and pay less forever.

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The retail price is made up of three main components, costs of retail, wholesale price, and distribution costs including transmission losses. This price has doubled in the last ...

Concentrated Solar Thermal Read more

CST technology uses thousands of ordinary mirrors to redirect and concentrate the sun, super-heating molten salts. This molten salt is stored for later use and can generate despatchable power 24hrs a day using ...

"Sister" Industries Read more

There will be times of the day when the power generation from the CST plant exceeds demand. Also, all the time, there will be excess heat. These surplus energies can be used to create new industries which will ...

Community Cooperative Read more

Cooperatives are not new to North Queensland. In fact most canegrowers are still members of large cooperatives and many sugar mills are still owned and operated as cooperatives. This will however be the first large scale ...

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When the focus is on community outcomes a whole world of new job creating opportunities opens up. With an Registered Training Organisation inclusive in our solution we can train and transition locals into this new industry and innovative "sister" industries making full use of all opportunities to create permanent local careers. We are the community. We are here for the long haul and investing in our community makes perfect sense.

Empowerment read more

Cooperatives by their very nature put the control back into the hands of the community and by running our public utility for public benefit instead of private profit we will have the opportunity to invest back into our communities creating lasting change. What do you see as being the most important? Youth issues? Mental health? You name it! The choices are endless but the difference is we get to choose!

Public Benefit read more

As a not for profit we can put community first and supply members with electricity at below the current power price. The CST technology can supply cheaper power day and night while cutting out the middle man. Our public utility is for public benefit not private profiteering. Isn't that how public utilities should be run?!

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Welcome home to cheaper power at your community emPowerment cooperative!
Together we will make a difference.

About us

SolReflection is a registered charity and not for profit. It is made up of local community members many of whom are volunteers with a common mission.... To transform our power supply so that it works for the public benefit and provides cheaper power to the community.


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We are YOU! Join your community and welcome home to cheaper power.

Join Us
If you pay for power and want to pay less (who wouldn't!!) then SolReflection is for you. Join us and welcome home to cheaper community owned power which puts the local community above corporate profits.
We will keep you up to date via email including notifying you on the day the cooperative is open. Co-op membership is limited so it's important you register so you don't miss out. Also the date that you register locks in your reference price to protect you should prices go up in the future. Places will be given on a first in first serve basis based on the date you registered your interest.
Yes! We will work together to ensure you continue to get the feed in tariff (FIT) that is best for you including possibly selling to other coop members in your area at a higher price then your currently feed in tariff and supply cheaper power if and when you do need a top up from the grid.
As a community (customer) owned not for profit cooperative SolReflection is a major shift from the traditional "for profit" corporate owned power generators and retailers currently supplying our energy. The community comes firsts and profit for shareholders is not even a consideration. This means cheaper power and local community control over our power and we (the community) get to choose which community charitable projects surpluses will be put towards.
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Membership Read more

Membership to the co-op is restricted to power users connected to the grid north and inclusive of the Mackay region up past Cairns and from the coast to as far as the grid supply goes west.

Supporters Read more

Supporters can be from anywhere in the world and may include power users outside our initial catchment area of North Queensland. Subject to demand we expect to expand to other regions with more coops and more power plants. We also expect our cheaper prices will put downward pressure on the power price for everyone so everyone will benefit.

Limited Supply Read more

This first power plant can only supply a limited number of members so it's important to register and also to lock in your power price before it goes up. Also tell your friends and family so they don't miss out.